Teis De Greve


An interactive installation.

"Gloed" is an interactive installation in the shape of a multiple choice quiz. It features a number of questions about the evolution of Genk as a city, and the role of the mining industry therein.

Instead of just using a A, B and C button, a train carrying 3 containers (labeled A, B and C) is presented to the user. A question is asked, whereupon the user has to take a piece of coal from the table and put it into the container corresponding to the answer. 15 seconds later, the train goes to the other side of the oval track and the containers tilt, so the coal falls out. If the answer was right, the coal falls in a (projection of a) fire. The more answers are correct, the bigger the fire will become.

"Gloed" uses as combination of Arduino and Processing. A LED is installed on the bottom of the train, shining on the track. On certain positions of the track, LDR's (lightsensors) are placed. This way, it is possible to locate the train when he passes by, and make it stop on the right position. On the backside of the oval track is placed a funnel and in this funnel are also a LED and an LDR. The train will always stop with the container corresponding to the right answer next to the funnel. When the containers flip, the coal will fall into the funnel, only if answered right. If not, it will fall on the floor and nothing is detected. The controlling of the train and the processing of the LDR-values is done in Processing. The Arduino is mere used as a link between the installation and the computer.

"Gloed" is based on an epynomous poem, written in 2004 by Bart Moeyaert, commissioned by the city of Genk. The installation was designed as a project in my first year of Communication- and Multimediadesign